The Hub

Welcome to The Hub!

The Hub is the information headquarters of the Calgary Police Service where you can access news stories and announcements at your fingertips. Information on the Hub will be updated in real-time so that you can keep abreast of occurrences throughout the City.

For those of you who want to be notified directly via voice message to your phone, text message to your cellular phone, or by email, you may sign up to the Hub Messaging System.

By creating a user profile, you can specify how and what information you would like to receive. This information will be sent automatically to your device without you having to log into the Hub.

Click on the REGISTER button and complete the community member registration form.


Community alerts at your fingertips!

The Hub Messaging System will periodically send notifications advising the public of specific crime trends in a community such as, house break-and-enters, and car prowlings. Information will be provided that will help the public identify possible suspects, such as physical descriptions, and modus operandi.
Sometimes, the Hub Messaging System will send out notifications asking for the public’s help investigating a major crime. Individual citizens are the eyes and ears of the community and quite possibly can share valuable information that might help the police in their investigations.
If a member of the public goes missing, the Hub Messaging System may be used to send a notification to communities giving a description of the person so that the rest of the public can be on the look-out and report sightings.
The Hub Messaging System will also be used to notify Calgary residents of safety fairs and other special events occurring throughout the City, for example, Shred-It events, community fairs, and the Diversity Cup.